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Breastfeeding in New Port Richey, FL: When You Should See A Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding doesn’t just provide your growing baby with the nutrients they need to stay healthy, it also is valuable time spent bonding with your little one. Of course, we understand that many moms have trouble getting into the groove of breastfeeding, and if you are having trouble with latching, pain with breastfeeding, or other problems then you may want to turn to a lactation consultant for help and advice.

What is a lactation consultant?

A lactation consultant is a medical professional that helps new moms navigate the new and unknown world of breastfeeding. Lactation consultants are also part of prenatal courses, providing moms to be with information, advice, and tools to prepare them for breastfeeding. Since breastfeeding is a personal and intimate experience, it’s important that you have a lactation consultant that you feel completely comfortable with and who supports you and provide you with the individualized care you need to achieve your goals.

Who can benefit from seeing a lactation consultant?

While many women turn to lactation consultants for breastfeeding issues you don’t have to be dealing with problems in order to benefit from having a lactation consultant as part of your medical team. Many women, particularly first-time moms, will have questions about breastfeeding and a lactation consultant can prepare new moms for what to expect and how to handle common breastfeeding issues. This can stave off problems once the baby is born.

Of course, moms can also benefit from seeing a lactation consultant if,

  • They are having trouble with latching
  • There is pain with breastfeeding
  • They are dealing with persistently cracked, sore, or painful nipples
  • Their milk supply feels low or they are producing too much milk
  • They are dealing with symptoms of a blocked duct
  • Their baby doesn’t want to feed
  • They have concerns about certain medications they are taking while breastfeeding
  • Their baby doesn’t seem to be getting enough to eat (isn’t gaining weight or producing enough wet or soiled diapers)
  • Need assistance with weaning
  • They are returning to work and want to discuss breastfeeding options.

Questions About Breastfeeding?

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