Caring for Your Newborn

Here are some of the top pediatrician-approved tips to make caring for your newborn easier.

Nothing provides parents with better peace of mind than to know that they have a healthy baby. Of course, keeping them healthy and safe is paramount. Fortunately, at The Pediatric Specialists, our pediatricians Dr. Douglass Hasell, Dr. Thuy Pham, and Dr. Sheridan Hernandez, as well as our Nurse Practitioners Chris Pope and Amanda Tortorice, help make this easy at your baby’s regular newborn visits. Every newborn should visit their pediatrician regularly for these preventive checkups to ensure they are staying healthy, growing normally and reaching all of their developmental milestones on time. In addition to tips on how to care for your newborn we will also provide information on safety measures to prevent accidental injury.

Start Breastfeeding Immediately

If you choose to breastfeed your newborn, hopefully you have gotten started breastfeeding your baby in the hospital where the nurses and lactation specialists provide valuable teaching and information to support breastfeeding. At The Pediatric Specialists, we continue this support and work with new and experienced mothers to help them breastfeed successfully. Dr. Pham and Amanda Tortorice have special expertise in breastfeeding and can offer special lactation consult visits where they may observe you feeding your baby and offer help with your babies latch and your feeding technique to ensure that your baby is getting the breastmilk that they need and are thriving. Parents who choose to formula feed are supported in the same way and their babies also need to be followed to assure they are growing normally on the formula they are on.

Choose the Right Clothing

Did you know babies can’t regulate their body temperature until six months old? This means you’ll want to be careful with how you dress them. Be mindful of the temperature outside. A good rule of thumb is to dress them in the same amount of clothing and layers as are comfortable in and add one more. Here in Florida parents need to make sure that they do not over bundle their baby if they are outside in the heat.

Your Sleep Survival Guide

It’s a good idea to stay close by when your baby sleeps. While babies sleep a lot, they sleep in short bursts, so taking cat naps can help reduce the exhaustion you may feel from getting up multiple times a night for feedings. Keep sleep schedules consistent; keep lights low as night approaches; playtime and bright lights are only for the mornings. Most babies won’t sleep through the night until they reach six months old.

Keeping your newborn healthy and happy doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our team of doctors, nurse practitioners and office staff are here for you and your baby whenever you need us. Whether your baby has a fever, is having issues breastfeeding, or you just need help dealing with all of your babies crying we are there for you. Call The Pediatric Specialists Medical Group at (727) 375-5437 to schedule your pre-natal visit or baby’s first newborn visit with us.

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