ADHD Treatment in Children

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms can affect every aspect of your child's life. Fortunately, the pediatricians at The Pediatric Specialists Medical Group in New Port Richey, FL, Dr. Douglass Hasell, Dr. Thuy Pham, and Dr. Sheridan Hernandez, as well as their Nurse Practitioners Chris Pope and Amanda Tortorice, offer ADHD evaluations and treatment that can help your child manage relationships and problem behaviors in addition to their academic success.

How to manage your child's ADHD treatments

ADHD symptoms make sitting still or paying attention at school hard and can also cause difficulties at home. No matter what form of ADHD your child has, making a few of these changes at home may be helpful:

  • Reduce Information Overload: Some children with ADHD can be frustrated and overwhelmed when they're faced with multiple choices or receive too much information at once. Reduce your child's stress by breaking up instructions into several steps and limiting choice to two options.

  • Focus on Routines: When your child's routine remains the same every day, he or she knows exactly what to expect, which may help reduce meltdowns.

  • Make Organization a Priority: Does your child often lose homework or belongings? These issues may be related to problems with executive function. Folders for homework and cubbies for shoes and backpacks will help keep your child organized and prevent chaos in the morning. Making and posting lists and reminders can also help.

Ways your child's pediatrician can help

During your visit to the Pediatric Specialists, your child's provider may recommend one of these ADHD treatment options:

  • Behavioral Therapy: During behavioral therapy, your child learns strategies that can help him or her make positive changes in behavior at home and at school. Parents are usually involved in the therapy. For example, the therapist may teach you how to set rules concerning behaviors, explain consequences and offer positive reinforcement for improvements.

  • Social Skills Therapy: If making or keeping friends is a challenge for your child, social skills therapy may be recommended. During the therapy, children learn the rules of social conduct and practice their skills with other members of the social skills group.

  • Medication: ADHD medication may make it easier for your child to focus, control their impulses or stop fidgeting. Although medication isn't right for every child, it may be an option if behavioral therapy alone isn't helpful.

Does your child need ADHD treatment? Call (727) 375-5437 to schedule an appointment with The Pediatric Specialists Medical Group, Dr. Hasell, Dr. Pham, Dr. Hernandez, Chris Pope, ARNP, or Amanda Tortorice, ARNP.

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