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By Thuy Pham MD
May 15, 2016
Category: Dr Pham
Tags: Breastfeeding  
To all the breastfeeding mothers,
Being the only pediatrician in Tampa Bay who is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, I have dedicated my practice to helping women with their breastfeeding needs. Putting your newborn baby to the breast is one of the most loving and nurturing gifts to welcome her into the world. When you are able to meet all of your child’s needs initially, you feel empowered and confident as a mother; however, you may encounter a few challenges along the way. 

Working together as a team with my patients over the years, I have seen many overcome difficult situations including pain, low milk supply, post partum blues, tongue tie issues, milk protein allergy etc… In turn, I have learned from their strength, their perseverance and resourcefulness.

Helping you succeed in nursing is my passion. I welcome all your questions and feedback.  Thank you for sharing your joy and challenges on this special journey.
With warm regards,
Dr. Thuy Pham, FAAP, IBCLC
P.S: I have experienced working with:
- nursing multiple
- latching refusal
- low milk supply
- prematurity
- nursing after breast augmentation or reduction
- milk protein allergy

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